Posh (3D) $30
Our feathered fantasy. These whimsical 3D multi-layered lashes are truly every girls dream come true. With their supreme wisp, they ignite the goddess within and are sure to enhance every makeup look. Creating a heavenly gaze, they command the attention of everyone in the room. Exaggerated in length and curl these 3D lashes are a statement all on their own!



Envy (3D) $30
Hollywood glam at its finest. Fall in love with these movie star masterpieces. Full of character and drama, these 3D lashes scream luxury. You will radiate a sense of old Hollywood elegance in these dazzling fan favorites.


Conceited $15
Made for the fearless these are the essence of seduction. A strikingly sexy stare down is foreseen in your near future, as you tempt those from across the room. Gradually growing in length from side to side this length and curl combo is admired by all.


Bossy $15
Add a touch off excitement to your day with these fun and flirty lashes. Beautifully flared with an impeccable curl these lashes account for comfort and style. Seize each day with confidence and get lost in the textured volume as they tempt you to explore all that is unknown.

Bougie $15
Let our ultra feminine lashes, accentuate your eyes in all the right places. The impression they leave behind, is what makes there charm so irresistible. A soft and tasteful approach is taken with this eye candy, as the length and fullness of this lash gradually increases. With each eloquent blink, you are sure to radiate a timeless sense of class.


Prissy $15
Receive first class treatment in this, incomparable lash. Inviting people in with these oh so natural lashes, you’ll surely leave them wanting more. Amplifying the natural silhouette of your eyes, this delicate curled stunner is ideal for everyday activities.


Flirty $15
Add a little fun & flare with these soft and subtle just there lashes. Increase the fullness and length in a modest way and flutter off into your day.